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lakshman's thoughts

I'm building new identity primitives at Personae
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widely used logic vs. valuable datasets

The great early crypto companies look different from the great early internet companies.

The tradeoffs of cross-chain communication

Thanks to Alex Obadia and Vaibhav Chellani for the conversations that led to this piece and for editorial help!

Inter-chain and Intra-chain MEV

Maximal/miner extractable (MEV) value is the topic du jour in crypto.

Keeping up in crypto

I've written before about how crypto feels different than other industries I've worked in. I want to pull on a different facet of that thread. Today, I'm thinking through the challenges of 'keeping up' in crypto.

Developing crypto ecosystems

Something fun about the growth of a new industry is all of the new job descriptions that pop up to support it.

Satoshi's Dreams

As a physics undergrad, one of my favorite books was Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. In it, the author imagines a fictional version of Einstein in the weeks leading to his publication of the theory of special relativity.